Koha loan platform supporting pakihi Māori to thirve

Growing a koha economy

Te Whare Manaaki is IndigiShare’s koha loan platform that breaks down barriers to entry for indigenous businesses, and enables entrepreneurship within our communities.

Funding is made available by a range of Koha Lenders to support Māori entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs, with a focus on social impact. This funding can be the catalyst for pakihi Māori to start, pivot or thrive, and when repaid, is passed forward to the next generation of entrepreneurs, creating intergenerational welfare and wellbeing.

With whanaungatanga at the heart of our funding model, we believe there is more than enough to go around. Te Whare Manaaki strives to create a community of like-hearted people, creating the space for enduring relationships to grow before money changes hands. Pakihi who receive koha find support, extra knowledge and validation at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey. For our Koha Lenders, Te Whare Manaaki offers a values-based, highly-relational and transparent way of funding impactful ventures.

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How it works

Led by community reciprocity, our koha loan platform creates two-way connections so you can support and be supported in return. One day you give, the next you receive. We’re about building economic resilience amongst whānau. We’re about funding people, not businesses bringing about a transformative journey where business and impact align.

In collaboration with Koha Lenders, pakihi Māori put forward their pakihi aspirations for capital investment so that they can realise their growth potential and advance their impact goals.

Step by step, this process empowers pakihi and builds a circular economy supported by those who believe in their vision.

Pakihi apply for pūtea

We build partnership with pakihi Māori and find out what capital they need and how it will help their business to grow and achieve their impact goals.

Koha Lenders co-invest

Koha Lenders review pakihi terms and impact goals and select pakihi to tautoko and co-invest in on a recurring or once-off basis.

We distribute funds

We redistribute 100% of funds to the selected pakihi so they can pursue their business goals, and pakihi agree to repay over time.

Pakihi thrive and grow

Pakihi drive forward their business goals and aspirations and collectively we build a circular economy that unlocks the power of social impact

Pakihi we support

Te Whare Manaaki is proud to support and empower Māori entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs to create impact within our communities. We believe that funding is more than just a means to an end; it’s a catalyst for growth, change, and intergenerational prosperity.

Fe Roofing, Waiariki, Bay of Plenty

We recently partnered with Waiariki based, Fe Roofing, as a pilot loan receiver of Te Whare Manaaki. Fe Roofing is a shining example of what can be achieved when entrepreneurs with determination and expertise are given the right support. With over 17+ years of combined experience, they offer custom roofing solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients guided by tikanga Māori.

Through the support of our Koha Lenders, we are able to tautoko Fe Roofing in realising their aspirations and help them achieve their goal of becoming the premier Māori roofing company in the Bay of Plenty.

At Te Whare Manaaki, we are excited to be part of their journey and look forward to supporting more incredible businesses as our service grows.

Ngā kaitautoko

Below are some of the generous organisations who enable Te Whare Manaaki to tautoko pakihi Māori to realise their aspirations through the power of collaboration and investment.