Ngā Ratonga

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Te Marae o IndigiShare

Nestled under the IndigiShare brand are two sub-brands of the trust that form our product and service offerings, Te Waharoa, and Te Whare Manaaki.

Te Waharoa, our digital reciprocal payment gateway concept, is like the welcoming gateway of a marae, where all are invited to enter and contribute. Just as a marae serves its community, Te Waharoa redistributes pūtea to the community, ensuring that the benefits flow back to those who need it most.

Te Whare Manaaki, our koha lending platform concept for pakihi Māori (Māori businesses), embodies the concept of ‘whanaungatanga’ or interconnectedness, much like the wharenui (meeting house) of a marae. Through Te Whare Manaaki, we connect pakihi with the resources they need to flourish, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support, just as a marae does for its whānau.

Te Waharoa

Te Waharoa provides a contactless, easy-to-use, digital method of payment while contributing to a more equitable economy.

Te Whare Manaaki

Te Whare Manaaki seeks to break down barriers to entry for indigenous businesses through a platform of partnership.