The world’s first indigenous payment gateway

From koha to kaupapa

Te Waharoa is IndigiShare’s reciprocal payment gateway concept, offering an alternative method of contactless payment for in-store purchases that redistributes funds back into the community – creating a koha-centered circular flow of capital.

With traditional Eftpos and credit card systems, small businesses are charged hefty transaction fees by big banking conglomerates. With Te Waharoa, we can offer an alternative method of payment that redistributes these fees back to our community at a lower rate for the merchant, and at no added cost for the customer.

We believe transparency is an integral part of this product – business owners deserve to know what fees they are paying, and customers deserve to know where this money is going.

Te Waharoa will provide a contactless, secure, and easy-to-use payment option that consumers can feel good about. It is a gateway to a more equitable and transparent economy.

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How it will work

Using Te Waharoa as an in-store payment method is an easy and contactless process powered by a secure network. All you need is the Te Waharoa app, and all your customer needs is their mobile and banking app – no credit cards or debit cards required!

Steps for merchants

Merchant raises a sale within Te Waharoa app

Raise the sale with Te Waharoa app and enter purchase amount

Customer scans unique QR code with their phone

Get customer to scan the unique QR code displayed on Te Waharoa with their phone.

Customer enters mobile number and selects bank provider*

Customer enters their details on Te Waharoa payment portal on their phone.

Customer approves payment and redistributes koha

Customer approves payment via their banking app* and selects recipient organisation to donate.

Steps for customers

Shop in-store at any registered merchant

Shop in-store at any of the registered merchants that offer Te Waharoa as method of payment.

Scan Te Waharoa QR code and enter mobile number and select bank*

Using your phone at checkout, scan the unique QR code provided to you and follow the steps on Te Waharoa portal.

Approve payment in your banking app*

Once you have selected your banking provider*, you will be prompted to approve the payment via your banking app.

Select which recipient organisation to receive koha

Once approved, payment will be made for your purchase, then select which community organisation to koha.

Te Waharoa payment portal is currently able to take payments from Westpac, ANZ, BNZ, ASB, and Cooperative Bank accounts.

Supporting hāpori Māori

Te Waharoa was designed to establish a circular flow of capital to support our communities.

Designed to perform a double duty, Te Waharoa saves business owners money through lowering fees, while redistributing these funds to positively impact and benefit our communities.

From this, we are able to not only make a difference in the community, but empower small businesses to grow and thrive.

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Trusted by local businesses

We have partnered with a small number of local businesses to test Te Waharoa as an alternative method of payment as part of our pilot launch. Once we launch nationally, we hope to extend this reach to merchants across Aotearoa and collectively work together to redistribute profits back into our communities.

Do you operate a small business with in-person sales? Register interest to join our pilot launch below.