Ko wai mātou?

Revitalising and empowering indigenous economies

Tō mātou whāinga

IndigiShare is mātauranga Māori led and mana motuhake driven social enterprise building economic resilience amongst whānau so that we can live in a world where the power of koha grows and enables impact.

Drawing on deep wells of indigenous knowledge, we are shifting the power into the hands of our community. We are building a circular flow of resources that builds economic resilience and sustained self-reliance for generations of tomorrow.

Through reindigenising the flow of capital, we will bring forward a more equitable and transparent economy that is grounded in community reciprocity that better serves us all.

Tō mātou Marae

Nestled under the IndigiShare brand are two sub-brands of the trust that form our product and service offerings, Te Waharoa, and Te Whare Manaaki.

Te Waharoa, our digital reciprocal payment gateway concept, is like the welcoming gateway of a marae, where all are invited to enter and contribute. Just as a marae serves its community, Te Waharoa redistributes pūtea to the community, ensuring that the benefits flow back to those who need it most.

Te Whare Manaaki, our koha lending platform concept for pakihi Māori (Māori businesses), embodies the concept of ‘whanaungatanga’ or interconnectedness, much like the wharenui (meeting house) of a marae. Through Te Whare Manaaki, we connect pakihi with the resources they need to flourish, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support, just as a marae does for its whānau.

Te Waharoa: the world’s first indigenous payment gateway

Te Waharoa is IndigiShare’s reciprocal payment gateway concept, offering an alternative method of contactless payment for in-store purchases with transaction fees redistributed back to the community – creating a circular flow of capital.

Te Whare Manaaki: Koha loan platform for pakihi Māori

Te Whare Manaaki is IndigiShare’s koha loan platform concept that breaks down barriers to entry for indigenous businesses, and enables entrepreneurship within our communities. Funding is then recirculated to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Tō mātou whānau

Our board members come from across Te Ika a Māui with diverse backgrounds ranging from tech solutions, service design and getting things done. We met up during COVID; a time when many whānau and Māori businesses were struggling. Māori led the way during the initial response and showed that a tikanga approach is the best way to get through. It is from this lens that we approach our mahi.


Chief Executive

A Māmā of five, she has always been committed to Māori whānau development. She is a small business owner herself and loves to help others achieve their dreams and goals. She has over 20 years in the tertiary and health sector and is currently contracting from home in Rotorua.



Rawiri is passionate about creating strong meaningful relationships and believes that through open, honest and clear communication we can all “win”. What are Mokopuna Decisions? They are decisions that take into account a long term view, the intergenerational view as opposed to the decisions making for the now.


Deputy Chair

After 20 years in Tāmaki Makaurau working in the public health sector, Anahera and her whānau returned to Rotorua to raise their tamariki ā-hapū, ā-iwi. She is a trustee, wharekai dishwasher, and really excited by the vision and enthusiasm of rangatahi.

Sarika Lal


Serena is Fijian Indian Tauiwi from East/South Auckland. She uses social innovation/design as one of the main ways to address complex and interconnected problems. Serena aims to continually learn and participate towards her relationship as Tangata Titriti and looks forward to designing for Māori whānau with Papatūānuku in the centre.

Ngā mātāpono

At IndigiShare, our values are the cornerstone of our purpose and the driving force behind everything we do. We choose to operate within a ‘koha economy’, where we believe that the more we give, the more we receive. Our ultimate goal is to empower our communities through the power of collectivity, as we work together to create lasting change. These values define us, inspire us, and guide us on our mission to create a better, more equitable economy.

Poho kererū




Whai hua


Tū Whakaiti


Mana motuhake