NZ Māori Tourism

NZ Māori Tourism

New Zealand Māori Tourism is committed to working with the Māori tourism sector to contribute to our economy, to provide compelling visitor experiences, and to build a strong commercial and cultural leadership.

We support leaders and partnerships that generate value in the Māori and wider tourism sector. This creates opportunity and ensures the growth and quality of Māori tourism experiences.

Positioning Māori tourism in this way allows Māori to take a leadership role in how visitors experience our country.

Māori leading Aotearoa New Zealand visitor experiences - Mā te pūkenga Māori te wheako Māori i Aotearoa nei, e ārahi.

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Tools and resources

  • Roadmap: Whether you’re starting a tourism business for the first time or your business is now established and ready to export, knowing what resources are available across the tourism landscape can assist in growing your business. This Tourism Road Map will help point you in the right direction to find the resources available.
  • Online Marketing toolkit: Modern technology has made significant changes in the way today’s businesses promote their companies and products. Marketing your business online is a valuable step towards reaching your potential customers. This section provides some resources and tips for marketing your tourism business online. The Tourism New Zealand Trade Marketing Guide provides basic information on how to market and promote your tourism business internationally. Read the steps you should take when working with media, the trade and for using online channels.
  • Research and helpful links: There are a range of tourism data sets, reports and market insights available from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s (MBIE) Tourism Strategy Group and Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) through their corporate website.

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